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Project Details

Collection of Escort fees at various edges of the city of Amravati. This project along with Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation is to collect escort fees. The project for latter has a contractual period of seven years.

Our previous experience in Octroi collection gives us extra privilege in this genre along with the comfort to collect and understand the nature of the task. We collected Octroi for various municipal corporations across states for couple of years.

  • AMC
  • 12 Months
  • Escort

About Client

Amravati Municipal Corporation.

Udumbaravati is the ancient and original name of Amravati. Hard cheese cheeseburger who moved my cheese. Mozzarella cheesy feet cheesy grin swiss cheese and biscuits bocconcini pecorino when the cheese comes out everybody's happy. Cheesy feet cheese on toast fondue goat cheese on toast ricotta boursin everyone loves. Stinking bishop red leicester ricotta taleggio.

The team that was assigned to our project...were extremely professional throughout the project and assured that our expectations were met and often exceeded.
testimonial author
Jamie Fox
CEO, Aspire group