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    We Never Forget Who We're Working For

    Creativity with Innovation, Expression, New Ideas

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    You set the targets, We achieve it

    Maximum & Exciting , Magical, Unique Experience

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    Time is the new currency

    Fast and Light, Easy, Sleek Solutions

Our Beliefs

Uncompromising Quality

Passionate Service

Fearless Innovation

Rapid Continuous Improvement

Our Portfolio

Our Success Path

We really enjoyed these years serving all with the best of our experiences.

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  • "Konark scored higher when it came to corporate values. The cultural fit between Konark and us was very high and that was the key advantage Konark had. So far, I don’t see any negative points. I only see positive things and Konark has acted accordingly to our expectations."

    Nicole Anderson
    CEO, Designpire
  • "Konark has a lot of good people with a lot of initiatives, skills and knowledge. Konark is an environment where we can succeed; where each individual in Konark can succeed, the group can succeed and the overall relationship with us can succeed."

    Nicole Anderson
    CEO, Designpire
  • "I just like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help and assistance. Your service is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for dealing with everything so promptly and clearly."

    Nicole Anderson
    CEO, Designpire